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Carbon cycling bikes – low weight, high strength  

Welcome to Choose and Shop – web store where you can buy frames, wheel sets, and other parts for cycling bikes. We offer various models made of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic, or simply – carbon. Unlike traditional bikes made of metals, these models are much stronger and perfectly suit all kinds of sports due to their durability and little weight. So f you need the best bikes on the market or you want to buy cycling bikes frame, browse our catalogue and discover a rich collection of goods for best prices.

Best cycling carbon frames for mountain and road bikes

A bicycle is becoming a popular vehicle as it doesn’t cost much, is easy to ride and doesn’t pollute the environment. Even some politicians prefer these simple but comfortable devices. However when it comes to sports, it becomes very hard to find something good enough.

A sport model must be tough to endure the high pressure and stress typical for fast riding or mountain activities. But if you use stronger steel in the design, it’ll increase the weight of the bicycle thus making it harder to ride it. So the alternative decision is to make its parts from different materials – light and strong at the same time. Nowadays engineers use carbon to achieve such a combination of properties.

Why carbon?

This material is made of carbon fibers – thin lines of carbon atoms mostly. Its molecular structure consists of carbon crystals aligned parallel to each other which makes them strong enough to endure immense stretching. These fibers are reinforced with matrix (often epoxy). Together these two components give the so called carbon fiber reinforced  polymer that feature directional strength properties. As a result, such material is even more durable than compound steel but at the same time much lighter.

Some people mistakenly think that carbon structures are very fragile and cannot be used for reinforcing materials. It is true that carbon fiber can be easily broken. But in compound materials, in order to avoid that the fibers are layered on top of one another in  quasi-isotropic layup. This gives the material endurance required for overloads.

Carbon in cycling bikes

Taking the above mentioned into consideration, one can easily tell that carbon parts make your bicycle strong enough for any challenges and very light. Some road models weigh only a few pounds!

At our web store, you will find a wide range of products including the best carbon road frames, models for mountain bikes, wheel sets, and other goods. Picking up the best carbon wheel set may cost you more than traditional parts, but you will never get the same quality. the carbon has also good damping capacity thus decreasing the vibration during training. All the products at our web store pass through quality tests which guarantees that you will get only the best carbon suspension frames, mountain and road frames, wheel sets, and accessories. The carbon equipment we offer will make riding both more comfortable and safer. Take a look at our catalogue to choose and shop something that catches your eye.


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